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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 28, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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at stop signs but most of all, everyone has the ability to yield and should yield and that's what our legislation is really about. >> supervisor john avalos proposed the legislation. six supervisors had signed on to his ordinance. two short of the votes needed to override the mayor's veto. can get the votes. the mayor said he talked to a lot of people before making the decisionism -- making the decision. one of them was the police chief, dead set against the idea. b.a.r.t. is investigating what looks to be an inside job. lots of tickets are missing and likely stolen. the oakland tribune reports a b.a.r.t. employee has been put on leave. one director called the loss, quote, substantial. b.a.r.t. is being tightlipped about what happened because the investigation is ongoing. new at 5:00, alameda county sheriff's investigators say a person is in custody in connection with a double murder in castro valley. happened at
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the chet woodcrest mobile home park. when officers arrived before noon they found the bodies of a man and a woman inside one of the homes. a third person was still inside that unit. the man is being detained for questioning. police are not releasing details on a motive or relationship between the suspect and the victims. word just in to the kpix 5 news room about a half an hour ago. mtv sports star eric roaner has been killed in a freak skydiving accident at lake tahoe. this is video of him performing another extreme stunt. a spokesperson says he was performing a stunt today with a group of skydivers as part of the opening act for a golf tournament, and that's when something went wrong. roner slammed in to a tree and died. eric roner was married and had two children. he was 38 years old. tonight police are looking for evidence at mission carmel after people made a mess there. the vandals sent a clear
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message. >> reporter: although the vandalism was quickly cleaned up, the message was unmistakable. representing a new and sad chapter in the controversy about the canonization of father serra. the vandals toppled the iconic statue of iconic junipero serra, dousing it with white paint and scrawling the words "saint of genocide" on a large rock nearby. >> completely out of line and as i said before, it's very sacrilegious. i can't believe anybody doing this, catholic or non-catholic, indian or nonindian. >> father serra and mission carmel have been the focal point of much of the opposition to last week's canonization. because the mission was both father serra's headquarters and final resting place. even opponents of the canonization say the vandals crossed the line. >> the message might be on target in some ways, but
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vandalism isn't going to get that point across. it's just going to make people angry. >> reporter: the carmel police department is investigating the vandalism as a hate crime because it was a church that was targeted, but also because the graves of several people of european descent were splashed with paint while the graves of the native americans were left untouched. >> to deface graves and statues, what kind of a message is that sending? is that sending a message that we're so right that we can do this? the message to me is that they're doing something wrong. >> the archdiocese of monterey says last week's canonization was a moment of great joy for many peninsula catholics and they say they will not allow this vandalism to overshadow that. devin fehely, kpix 5. on his way back to the vatican, pope francis talked openly about the church sex abuse scandals. he spoke to reporters on his plane for 47 minutes after leaving
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philadelphia last night. he called sexual abuse by priest sacrilege. he called his warm reception in the united states a beautiful thing. a stunning discovery on mars. it means it could be possible to have life on the red planet. meteorologist paul deanno on this scientific breakthrough. >> there's big and then there's big. this one, big. nasa has found evidence of liquid water flowing on mars, not in the past, not something that happened. something that's happening right now. it's an announcement that could change everything we know about earth's close neighbor. >> reporter: nasa announced it has strong evidence that mars has salty water flowing on the surface of the planet during its summer months. >> mars is not the dry arid planet that we thought of in the past. today we're going to announce that under certain circumstances liquid water has been found on mars. >> reporter: about four years ago scientists began examining dark narrow streaks on the
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planet that formed in the late spring, grew during the planet's summer, then disappeared in the fall. they suspected the streaks indicated the presence of flowing water, then used data gathered onboard to confirm that hypothesis. this discovery has wide ranging implications for the exploration of the planet. >> it changes everything because it means that this liquid water can be used for perhaps irrigation, drinking water, and even rocket fuel. >> the water could also help scientists determine if there is life on mars. >> we haven't been able to answer the question, does life exist beyond earth, but following the water is a critical omen of that. we now have, i think, great opportunities to be in the right locations on mars to thoroughly investigate that. >> reporter: more exploration is needed to determine the source of the water and whether it helps support microscopic life on the planet. >> you might be wondering why are we talk about water in the
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summer, not in the winter? winter on mars, 220 degrees below zero. summertime, it gets up to about 70 degrees. so it could flow. it's above the freezing mark. if all this water talk sounds familiar, we heard about this once before in 2008. scientists did confirm the existence of frozen water on mars. most of it lies trapped beneath the surface of the planet. this is a big discovery today. >> it's fascinating. other news now. schools reopened today in middletown weeks after the deadly valley fire devastated the community. students were reunited with their friends at cobb middle school. there were smiles and hugs. many of the students have lost everything but teachers say getting back in to a routine is important. >> i know when i see all my kids, my students and their smiling little faces, it's going to feel better. >> cobb elementary is still closed due to smoke damage. classes are being held in portables behind the middle school. cal fire says the valley fire is now 97%
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contained. another big sell-off on wall street and once again, the trouble traced back to china. all red arrows for you today. the dow closed down 312 points. it's almost 2%. the nasdaq was off 3%. beijing reported that industrial profits in that country fell almost 9% in august from the year before. that's the biggest decline they've reported on that particular sector since they started reporting those numbers. it's just a continuation of weak economic data coming out of china. >> energy and raw material companies also sold off based on the slumping chinese economy. those stock market jitters being felt here in the bay area in the real estate market. kpix 5's mike sugerman on something we haven't heard in a very long time and kind of hard to believe it too. >> you heard of the million-dollar listing. this is the 7/10ths of a million dollar listing. $700,000. it's been on the market a lot longer than
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anybody thought. you want it? it's yours. what's going on? in san francisco ? come on. >> reporter: here's something you haven't heard about. san francisco real estate in almost five years. >> it's certainly a buyer's opportunity at this point. >> reporter: since the start of the recovery of the great recession, in about 2010, san francisco has been the hottest real estate market in the country with crazy prices. the median price of a home now at $1.3 million and that's doubled in just three years. but -- >> it's just a little slower right now. i feel like there's been some kind of shift. >> reporter: real estate agents like lisa miller don't have numbers yet but they're seeing subtle changes. >> we're kind of adjusting and it might be balancing out and i think that is kind of necessary for san francisco. >> we're already beginning to see prices stay on the market longer and we're beginning to see price reductions. >> reporter: consultant carol is talk about the high end, over
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$3 million, but that could have a ripple effect on homes not priced so high, or not. this is a crazy market. and stock losses along with international uncertainty, especially in china, make it even crazier. >> three days from now it could be different. >> reporter: which is why cheyenne richards hopes to sell her 800-square-foot space soon. >> it didn't go in 10 days but we have every hope it will go shortly thereafter. >> reporter: because nothing is predictable in the san francisco real estate market. >> so are we headed for a good market or a bad market? depends what market you're in. are you buying or selling? in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. on to campaign 2016. donald trump promise d to drastically cut income taxes for millions of americans. he said single people making less than $25,000 a year and married
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couples making less than $50,000 would pay no taxes. the tax rate for top earners would be capped at 25% and corporate taxes would be cut from 35% to 15%. >> the economy is what i do well. whenever they do polls, i always come out way above everybody else on the economy. >> trump says scaling back on deductions will help pay for the plan. democratic candidate hillary clinton is in the bay area tonight. she's here for three fundraisers where ticket prices are as high as $27 each. earlier today clinton was in saratoga and right now she's at home at a home in belvedere. later tonight it's a stop in orenda. mrs. clinton attends a breakfast tomorrow in san francisco. new at 5:00, a california lawmaker wants to be the next speaker of the house. republican kevin mccarthy tweeted this a few hours ago: after hearing from my colleagues, i've decided to run for speaker of the house. let's work together to make a
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difference for our country. mccarthy represents the bakersfield area and is currently the house majority leader. he's the first person to run for john boehner's position. boehner announcing of course on friday that he's resigning from congress. his last day on the job will be october 30th. russian president vladimir putin says he isn't ruling out joint air strikes against isis in syria. putin met face to face with him today. >> when a dictator slaughters tens of thousands of his own people, that is not just a matter of one nation's internal affairs. it brings human suffering on an order and magnitude that affects us all. >> they're truly fighting the islamic state and other terrorist organizations. >> the ukraine was also supposed to be on the agenda. it magnified the rift between russia and the united states. a bay area city known for
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blazing the trails, now sets its sights on babies. why it wants to spend half a million dollars on diapers. >> in three days, paying with a credit card at a major retailer won't involve striping a strip but checking for a chip. >> and 49ers fans trying shake off a hangover. what the coach had to say today about the painful performance from his ,,
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the city of san francisco want to help parents with diaper duty, specifically the city is going to pay for diapers. kpix 5's joe vazquez tells us for parents and kids, really helps the bottom line. >> reporter: nikita george says keeping 7-month-old amar'e high and dry is a priority but a costly one. she now gets her diapers from the homeless prenatal center, one of four nonprofit agencies participating
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in a new city program that gives out diapers for free. >> i can spend more money on his milk or urgent necessities. >> san francisco is the first city in the nation to provide free diapers to very low income folks on cal works. >> reporter: the director of the san francisco human services agency says moms like nikita on welfare get about $700 from the city per month. diapers can cost up to $100 per month or even more when people take advantage of the poor. >> some of the corner stores around public housing developments were actually breaking open diaper packs and selling individual diapers. we're going to give families a full supply of diapers each month. >> the program will cost the city about half a million dollars. >> this is the very deaf-- definition of the nanny state providing diapers. >> nobody wants to be on cal works. nobody wants to be on welfare. it's a way to make the city a little more affordable for its most impoverished
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families. >> reporter: he says poor moms are often forced to make decisions that can cause health problems. >> they'll dry them out and reuse them. sometimes they'll keep the babies in the diapers too long. the children will get skin problems. so it's huge for the women that we serve. >> reporter: in san francisco, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> beginning november 1st, the city is going to expand the program to 1300 families. whole foods announced it will be cutting 1500 jobs nationwide. the cuts amount to 1.6% of the workforce. tesla, just one of the car companies being dragged in to the massive airbag recall. seven more companies received letters from u.s. safety regulators. they want to know which models use airbags made by takata. faulty airbags have led to the recall of cars. have you noticed the new
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credit and debit cards the banks have sent out, the ones with the chip? this is a big week for that chip and how you pay at the checkout. cate cauguiran on the swipe versus the shove. >> we can expect to see more of those chips too because american bankers association says 70% of credit cards will be chip enabled by the end of this year. >> reporter: the swipe will be a thing of the past. instead it will be please insert, chip side first. these chips are based on a global card payment standard called emv, stands for euro pay mastercard visa. it makes every transaction unique, making it harder to counter credit cards and fraud. >> it's a benefit for me that i'm not sure the swiping is actually tracking my information. >> reporter: most of us have already gotten our chip cards and maybe seen the readers in big box stores like target.
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>> now the card stays in there. if you're wond ering if it's going to come back out. >> reporter: instead of a quick swipe, the machine will prompt you to place your card inside and leave it till it tells you to take it out. >> it's a little slower. that's even what the clerks have said at the register. i notice it takes a lot longer. first i left it in and then pulled it out and had to start all over. >> reporter: credit card fraud has doubled in the u.s. over the last 15 years and in other parts of the world that already have these cards, credit card fraud is falling. >> if they put a fingerprint on it, even better. >> starting thursday you can expect to see all major retailers using these chip card readers but not all businesses like here at mr. pickles. coming up at 6:00, we'll show you how the shift will affect the smaller businesses in the bay area. cate cauguiran, kpix 5. >> small business owners have an october 1st deadline to switch out their card reading machines. >> takes a little getting used to. not like our weather. we're very used to our weather.
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a little bit more comfortable outside. >> it's amazing, the wind direction didn't even change. feels more like fall because the onshore flow got stronger. all we're doing, we're not changing the wind direction. no front. the onshore flow is stronger and feels entirely different outside. 15 degrees cooler for some of you. oakland down to 70. livermore, 82. did make it to the upper 80s. san francisco, 65 despite the sunshine. that's mother nature's air conditioning. san jose, 73. santa rosa, 79. we're getting on the chilly side of things. nights are longer than the days. we're getting down to the upper 40s and lower 50s in santa rosa, napa, north sonoma. oakland, 57 and livermore, 56 degrees. wrapping up september in a couple days. how have we don with rainfall? in the south bay or east bay, horribly. no rain at all. san francisco, a little bit . look at the north bay. you did receive that one storm earlier in the month. santa rosa well above average but san jose, 0%
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of average. any rainfall in this forecast? unfortunately no. we'll see a pattern change later on this week. it will not involve rainfall. a few showers offshore. the big impact for us is this low pressure area which is getting stronger as it gets stronger, the flow from the ocean also gets stronger. let's check that ocean temperature. 61.17 degrees. the air above it is also chilly. tomorrow, wednesday, thursday on the cool and cloudy side of things. then on friday, low gone. this weakens the onshore flow. that means warmer weather and we'll have a toasty first weekend of october. cooler than average for the next three days with high cloud cover out there like we had all weekend long. the sunshine returns and we'll be warmer. that transition begins friday. highs tomorrow, 5 degrees above average. tomorrow, 77. san jose, 76. redwood city, 73 and cupertino, fremont, union city. 70s.
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vallejo, 72. foggy start, a little bit of sunshine for san francisco in the afternoon. 64 for you. novato, 75. cloverdale, 78 degrees . we don't do cold in late september but it is on the cool side. we'll stay chillier through thursday. warmer friday and through the weekend. all in all, it's a pleasant forecast. if you like it cooler, the next couple days are for you. 49er fans dealing with monday hangover. >> it's a bad one. quarterback colin kaepernick and the 9ers suffering their worst loss in years. >> sports director dennis o'donnell with questions surrounding the quarterback. >> the giants tonight are fighting for their playoff lives against the los angeles dodgers and after watching the 49ers yesterday, 49er fans are wondering if they're already out of the playoff picture. it was that bad. san francisco blown out in the desert last night,
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getting beat 47-7 by the cardinals. colin kaepernick had his worst game as a professional. two returned for touchdown. today in santa clara, head coach jim tomsula was asked if kaepernick is still the team's starting quarterback. >> yes. he's our starting quarterback. but we're in game of football. infinity and statements to that term at any position, but i've had no thoughts of him not being our quarterback. >> colin kaepernick and the rest of the team won't have much time to figure this out. they entertain aaron rogers and the green bay packers. veteran quarterbacks in the last two games have taken the 49ers apart. roethlisberger, carson palmer is going to be tough next sunday. but they got six days to figure it out. the giants, they better figure it out tonight. i'll tell you more about that coming up at 6:00. >> get it figured out. dennis, thanks so much. >> four games with l.a.
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it's a bird, it's a plane, oh, no. it's a giant brick of marijuana. the surprise delivery that nearly took the life of the family dog.,,,,,,,,,
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talk about a surprise delivery. >> a huge brick of marijuana came crashing through the
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family's home in arizona. maya and bill donnelly say they heard this loud crash. when they went to investigate, that's what they saw. the hole in the roof and a 28-pound package had fallen through the roof, smashing the dog's house. luckily the dog was not in the garage at the time. police say a drug plane likely traveling from mexico accidentally dropped the bundle. accidentally i would hope. now for a look at what's ahead on the cbs evening news. >> scott pelley is in new york. >> here's the cbs evening news tonight. the u.s. has abandoned its program to train syrian opposition fighters. we'll have a look at how the $500 million project failed. plus, donald trump gets down to specifics with the release of his tax plan. and they found water on mars. could humans be next?
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and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns
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then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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i'm ken bastida in the kpix news room. new at 6:00 tonight, thousands of bay area b.a.r.t. riders thrown off track. how the scheduled changes b.a.r.t. just made to ease the commute are backfiring big time in one city. >> your own restaurant for less than the cost of a night's dinner? how $100 and the right set of words could win you this popular bistro. >> trouble for the biggest construction project in the south bay. we'll have those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> we'll look for that. thanks for watching us at 5:00. the cbs evening news with scott pelley coming up next. >> we're always on see you at 6:00.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> pelley: the u.s. shuts down its effort to train syrian opposition forces, acknowledging an embarrassing failure. also tonight, the trump tax plan, the first review is in. >> we have an amazing code. >> pelley: and we'll have more of our conversation with trump. an alternative to chemo for breast cancer. a new study finds who could benefit. and a major discovery on mars. new evidence that there could be life on the planet next door. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. the picture tells the story. at the u.n. today, two world leaders about as far apart as two can be and still exchange a toas


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